A Voice From The Past

After reading the article by Franz Boas, I believe that we as humans chose to isolate ourselves by creating groups. New groups are constantly formed and we as humans like to belong to something, to fit in. “He expresses his feeling of solidarity by an idealization of his group and by an emotional desire for perpetuation,” states Boas. This is mostly because groups become denominational and strong antagonism develops to mariages outside the group. This is implied to keep the groups pure. An example of this would be the Amish which set themselves apart from society and marry within their group. If we idealize our group and look down upon other groups than we create racism and basically enforce it. Racism is not just the difference in skin color anymore, it’s everything we do to create racial endogamy because in our idealogies when skin tone is different than they are less of a human being. In the end with racism in excistence, the strive for racial purity is never ending.

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