The Implications of the Human Genome Project

Completed in 2003, the Human Genome Project (HGP) was a 13-year project coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health. During the early years of the HGP, the Wellcome Trust (U.K.) became a major partner; additional contributions came from Japan, France, Germany, China, and others. After reading the article by Barbara Katz Rothman I would definetly side with her that the project even though stated “non race related” was used to further sort humans in different catagories based on their racial identities and is just another form of modern racism. “Ours is a world in which some people are resourses for others,” states Barbara. She also states “That in a world in which race is a system of power and oppression, genetic thinking will be used to support that oppression.” The DNA will be bought and sold just like previous generations of whites did with people they brought back from different continents. Racism will never become extict but change form or evolve into something that will fit into the society which it exists in. Racism must exist for a dominant race to be present. I believe that for racism to completely vanish there has to be a natural disaster that wipes out all humanity that has been exposed to racism and all history of racism to be erased completely. Everyone left has to be equality uneducated or educated to where segragation and poverty was not present. But than if we look at Charles Darwins understanding of human beings and evolution, we learn that the fittest survive. The idea of natural selection makes racisms existance relevant to survival. In this case racism would never completely dissapear because we would have to compete for survival. But if an ideal situation was present where every person was in their ideal position and the quality of life depended on humanity working as a whole to survive, than I believe racism would not exist because there would be no need for it. If there is no need for survival of the fittest and natural selection, than racism is not needed and is not present.

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