Hispanics, Reviving Faded Towns?

Population in the rural towns in the Great Plains including the western Kansas has been declining.  Ulysses, Kansas is now a town where half of the population are Hispanics.  Year after year, the population of this town is declining and businesses are closing.  The number of Hispanics, who are mostly Mexicans, was large enough to offset the decline of the white population.  It created a diversity in the town as more Spanish speaking students are in the schools and more Mexican restaurants and other businesses are already in the community.  There exists some cultural differences, but for the moment, these Mexicans are reviving the town.  This is acknowledged by Thadd Kistler, the former mayor of the town said “We’re either going to change or we’re going to die.”  On the other hand, this situation is not welcome by everybody as some of the whites don’t like the changes that is happening in their communities.  This might be hard for them, but that is the reality.  The Hispanics are also growing in numbers faster that the whites.  Whatever is going to happen next, time will tell.

source: New  York Times, November 13, 2011

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