Native Hipsters

There has been a fairly large increase recently of Native attire in the adolescent marketplace. This includes Native American-style jewelry, shoes, clothing, and even headwear.  The question now: is it trendy yet respectful, or a fashion faux-pas to dress in the style of Native Americans?

A blog I stumbled onto, called Native Appropriations, featured an article on the native headdress.  It can be read here:

The author of the article seems immensely opinionated, and does not seem to agree at all with this new trend.  I’m not Native, but I have friends who are, and we don’t personally find issue with it. But is that naive, or insensitive? I think any person should be able to wear anything they want, as a general rule, and I don’t think this is going to far. It’s simply a style, right? I’d be interested to know if anyone else had a strong opinion about this.

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