High School Apartheid


Seperating students based on anything is a crime against humanity. Kids learn about culures and ethnicities through coming together. You can’t get a real sense of another group by watching them on the tele or reading about them, you need to be around them to experience the differences.
In America during segregation racism grew because of seperation at school, it didn’t help. It made white people fear black people and black people fear whites. I fear the same will happen in Norway with this, it will br whites vs. all.

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2 Responses to High School Apartheid

  1. josephincle says:

    I have to agree with you on this one. I went to a HS in NC that was forced intergration thru bussing. Whiel yes this limited neighborhood involvement it brought the neighborhood it was in up because the local parents wanted to be as involved as the parents from the rich neighborhoods. But this HS was unique in the fact that it was also the only English as a Second Language high school in the district at the time. Between the ages of 15-18 I was introduced to cultures other than my own. I understood that not all people who come from India practice Hindu, some were Christian. I know the difference in the cusine and languages of Korea and Japan. I was not unaware of some of the cultural rituals of other places. We had 1 week a year dedciated to showcasing these other nationalities. But I also knew how to spot a hair weave and not to touch a black womans hair. From this, the HS graduated many Rhodes Scholars, kids who have gone on to run the city I grew up in and many artists. Today, the school will hit over 80% of its students on free or reduced lunch, a key indicator of an area below the poverty level. And while some of these conditions existed before, everyone aspired to achive. The majority of the students, including the local students, still went to college.

  2. ryharris says:

    Integrated schools are not necessarily the answer to all of our education problems. Many schools right now are integrated, but I do not believe it has yielded better results. Instead of focusing on integration, we should focus on quality of education. If individuals are provided with a fair and balanced education, than they are more likely to be open minded about individuals from other races. I went to a school that was very integrated, yet there was still a lot of segregation. People generally want to be around other people that are like them. In our school most of the whites interacted with the whites, and most blacks interacted with the blacks. I once asked a white girl, “if she wanted to hangout sometime”, she responded, “my dad would not be okay with that”. That situation clearly attests to the numerous problems that arise from integrated schools. I am not arguing for “separate but equal”, but integration has not worked as good as expected. In many instances, integration has been detrimental to minorities.

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