Women…the weaker species?

This past weekend, I was told that women are a weaker species than men. First, you can probably tell I was dealing with someone who didn’t understand that men and women are the same species. Second, why am I weaker? This mans argument for why women are weaker than men, was because if he were to hit me, I would cry, while bleeding on the floor. He then went on to say how women are inferior to men, because men are smarter, and more capable of doing things than women are. To be frank, he is COMPLETELY wrong. Let’s be real, in my case, I can hardly do a push up, so physically, yes women can be weaker then men. Of course not in all cases. There are many women out there who are extremely strong, and could give a man a run for his money. Now for anything else, women can do anything a man can do. If it weren’t true, then I wouldn’t have made it into the top aviation program in the country, which happens to be male dominated. Women have made many contributions to the world around us, and for anyone to think that women are incapable of anything is sheer ignorance.

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