Interracial Marriage Ban

After reading an article from Yahoo News! titled, “Kentucky church bans interracial marriage” I must admit I was EXTREMELY surprised. Just as the victim Stella Harville stated, “They’re the people who are supposed to comfort me in times like these” I would have never thought to hear this type of discrimination from a place of worship. Stella Harville brought her fiance Ticha Chikuni to sing at her church, Gulnare Freewill Church to sing and the pastor denied them from performing at the church again. The church created a interracial ban preventing interracial couple from becoming members and participating in services except for funerals. The reason for the ban was said to be to serve and continue the bond of the community the church services. I couldn’t imagine a church banning interracial marriage, under what circumstances? what religious morals are being broken? It is a shame the place where people are suppose to receive encouragement and worship they are being judged and missed treated.

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