My first Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is another holiday in a calendar celebrated by Americans and Canadians every year. This holiday has origins from a mix of Native Americans and European traditions. These celebrations were held after the harvest period to give thanks for a good harvest, and to rejoice with rest of the community after hard work and busy season. This year for me was very special. I come to United States only couple years ago and didn’t celebrate this holiday before. I have never hosted Thanksgiving dinner until now. This year my husband and I decided that we will made a dinner for our immediate family and friends. This dinner turned out to be a big event and very successful project. I was very excited since beginning while preparing shopping list and looking over recipes and planning every dish. As soon as everyone sat down my husband thanked everyone for coming and celebrating this day with us. It was a little bit emotional just because we tried to accommodate and acculturate in USA as fast as we can but sometimes is not that easy. I am very happy that after celebrating couple Thanksgiving every year I become stronger and more acculturated with American culture and tradition. I am happy that people who are my family and friends support me in every situation and I know that I can always count on them. I am very grateful that during this holiday every one of us can be thankful for something that have happened in past or is happening in our lives now. Can’t wait for another holiday and value time spend with family.

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