One night, I rode my bike swiftly through what I thought was a friendly neighborhood. This was my neighborhood. I simply wanted to reconnect with something I lost. Once I found what I was looking for, I stood still. For just a moment, I was completely unaware of my surroundings. I was unaware that the  color of night made me look more intimidating than I really am. So, I left this sacred place as swiftly as I came. Along the way a great light shined brightly across my path. In that instance, I was cordoned off by royalty–Crown Victorias. I had once considered the occupants of these chariots friends and allies, but tonight they did not recognize me, so we became foes. I thought it was all a jest, but their countenances were grave.

Overwhelmed by fear I reached to grab my papers. It was at that moment that an enforcer unbridled his executor. He sweated profusely, and then it all became surreal. They barked their directives, and then I froze along with time. Metal feels harsh when it is wrapped about the wrist. I told the enforcer I simply wanted to reconnect with what was lost. The situation was farcical, but I understood the implications of nature’s curse. At that moment nature whispered in my ear, “remember how you look in the shadows of the night!”, and then she laughed eerily. Every time that darkness falls, I remember how nature f**ked me from birth!

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