What language should we speak?

On one of the recent class we had a conversation regarding language.  Do you think that English should be a national language in United States? The United States of America I think is the one of the few countries who doesn’t have an official national language. This subject is very controversial, just because nobody settled the language at the beginning. We speak American English just because of Native Americans who arrived to USA first and that is how they communicate. The language has been changed and updated many, many times.
I am immigrant and believe it or not I was not thrilled to learned everything from beginning and always keep in my mind that I may say something wrong or get misunderstood. It is hard to explain the language barrier to person who never been in different country, who was never forced to speak other language, etc. I have experienced this many times and exactly know how that feels.
Why people expect that everyone knows English? We are easily getting frustrated if we visit different country and people can’t understand us, we are getting upset when people come to USA and don’t speak English. Why are we always putting ourselves in these situations?
At the beginning when I started to learn English I was told by rude customers a couple of times to bring someone else who speaks English and who can help. This was very disrespectful and discriminated. I didn’t give up and I will never do. I learn this language every single day and I will till the end.  I think that every person should learn other language and then everyone would be more understandable for people who are not perfect and don’t speak fluent language. In my opinion there would be more tolerance between races and cultures. More people would respect others and don’t value them based on language but really who they are.

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One Response to What language should we speak?

  1. ryharris says:

    I agree with what you are saying. If more people were bilingual, the world would function a lot better. People would understand that language differences are not very important, and that the actual content of the relationship is more important than linguistic nuances.

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