Cuban-American Relations

I believe in most cases any immigrant or immigrants that move to this country from else where will keep family ties with relatives back home strong. In this article it talks about how Cuban-American family ties remain strong through out all the unpleasant things we hear going on in Cuba and how our government limits the connection people from US can have with Cuba. “The truth is that the driver in policy is not the relationship between the United States and Cuba, but the relationship between Cubans, and that is far stronger than 50 years of intragovernment hostility,” said Joe Garcia, a former chairman of the Miami Democratic Party. “When you remove just some of the barriers, people do what people do: help their families.” In general it’s our instict as humans is to help those closest to us. This article incorporates the difficulties involved with the American-Cuban relations and that no matter what families will remain strong. “Despite the United States’ commercial and economic embargo, imposed in 1960, ties between the two Cuban populations began to shift slowly a decade ago and have intensified in the past two years, a result of the Obama administration’s move in 2009 to loosen travel and shipping restrictions,” stated New York Times. In just recent years, the allowance of cell phones and computers by the Cuban government has increased communication ties with immigrants and their families back home. The Cuban government also started allowing people to own small businesses and to buy and sell cars. With these changes, Cuban Immigrants here in the US began sending parcels with goods back to Cuba to help relatives who are in the process of starting their own businesses and small restaurants. Even though our government does not like all the help that these families get because it helps to boost Cuban economy, many experts say that nothing will be done to stop this because of strong family ties and people will persist to find ways to help.

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