Welfare in America

In the untied states people have been abusing the welfare systems, in some cases for generations. In recent months states in the southern parts of the country including Florida have issued a new policy to reform this growing problem. The state is requiring that all recipients of welfare or state assistance will be subjected to drug test to qualify for the assistance that has been requested. Citizens think this is racist and are arguing against this. I am a believer that this is a excellent idea, and not only will this potentially solve the problem our economy has with unemployment rates, but this is very far from being racist. I am having trouble even linking the two together. I believe if the government is giving free money to people, the government has every right to make sure those people aren’t taking the money and buying drugs with it. It is to easy today get by on government assistance and some families have perfected a way of life living off assistance and not having to work a day in there life. It’s about time some step were taken to get people off the government payroll and push them to get jobs and become hard working, drug free and independent Americans.

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