Houston’s Racial Makeup

I’ve come to know only this part of where I am from, Cleveland the area in which I have generally lived my life in. I have made several trips recently out to Houston. But my last trip is where I got the chance to actually explore more of what Houston has to offer. Being in Houston is similar to being in cities racially diverse like New York, Atlanta, and Miami. I was surprised on my last visit on how this woman approached me. She was a woman who spoke the Arabic language. I looked at her and I did not know what to say at the moment. She then noticed something was wrong with the communication between her and I she then spoke in English to me. She asked me if I spoke Arabic and I said no i don’t. She then said are you Mexican or  perhaps Honduran. I said no I am Puerto Rican. She then spoke to me in Spanish and held a conversation with me in Spanish for a brief moment. I was amazed at how this woman spoke such clear Spanish. As I continued to speak with her I mentioned that I was in town on a business trip and I was planning on moving to Houston for a new position with my company. She mentions to me how there are so many Hispanics here but very little Puerto Ricans. I began to think Cleveland has the total opposite the most seen of Hispanics are Puerto Ricans, and I asked my self how different would it be to move here and not find myself with Hispanics from my specific ethnicity. What I think now towards moving is the impact and the difference it makes to be considered a minority in a certain place. Even thought there are other Hispanics, what a difference there is less of those from ones specific background.  Diversity is all around us. I decided that its time to look at this world with less culture boundaries and open up to getting to know what other cultures live around me and try to be more understanding and united with them. How this woman spoke three different languages also impacted me. I’d hope to soon learn a third language.

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