Latino stereotypes

After the class when we talked about Hispanic American, how they immigrate to USA and what we think about their culture I decide to look around other blogs and see this picture in someone else eyes. I found an interesting post written by Carlos Hernandez for “The Washington Post” couple years ago. Probably most of us think about Hispanic Americans as a construction workers and lawn keeper. That is how it was few years ago and even stereotypes can change. From the survey taken by selected students in 2008 almost half (44.5%) think Hispanics are people who “only get jobs as construction workers and custodians.” One third perceives Hispanics to be “drug dealers who live in cramped apartments with ten other people.” Over a fifth (21%) believes Hispanics are “immigrants who don’t know any English and crossed the border.” Other negative stereotypes include: alcoholism, laziness, being illegal immigrant, working day laborers, dangerous, unable to communicate in English, low class etc. Many students do have positive perceptions of Hispanics. Almost 3/4 of those survey said Hispanics were “hard-working people who get paid minimum wage.” Over half said we are people who “work hard for money to send to their families.” Over half said we are “laid back people who love to play soccer.” I have only positive reflection about Hispanics. I had a pleasure to work with few of them and I know how hard they work every day. Maybe their English was not excellent but I could always count on them in every work related situation. Most of them were great cleaners that it’s very hard to find in American community. They took their job very serious even when they didn’t have a high rate and still were able to send some money to their families in origin countries. I wish more people have skills and motivation to work hard as Latinos do.

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