Where’s the Respect?

I think that this whole thing about language is kinda crazy. What is the big deal with teaching Spanish or having that be an option for individuals who do not speak english? It has to be really hard to move to another country and not know the customs, language or people. We all need to remember that each of us originally came from somewhere else and we would not like to be ostracized for something that we have no control over. It is going to take some tolerance and deep thought for us to come together and accept each other’s differences. None of us have a right to decide what languages others around us speak. If English is also available, I don’t see what the big deal is. If we went to another country, would we know how to speak their language? Probably not. Yet we expect people to do something that we ourselves are not willing to know. On average, most Americans are not bilingual and we know very little about other cultures.  We all need to respect each other enough to recognize that we are all different. We are exposed to different experiences and we live different lives but so what. Even though our difference’s may be overwhelming, we should all understand that every human has the right to be who they are and speak their native language. Let’s all remember that we live in America and we are all free to be the people that we want and no one should be denied that.


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