White Guilt?

Do I have white guilt?  I possibly do, but not for obvious reasons.  My family tree has been done for centuries and we never owned slaves, far from it, we were closer to them than the top.  But I still feel as if I let down the black race.  I’m just a small white guy, I’ve never hated anyone, well a particular race that it, but I do’t feel as if I stood up for one either.  I sit and listen to disparring comments made by others around and for the most part I largely ignore it, but why?

I feel as if I owe the black culture something.  They gave us art, jazz, rock and roll(screw elvis and the beatles) and most of all they are true to themselves.  They have rolled with the punches given to them by other races and not put up much of a fight.  You get anger, yes, but minus the Civil Rights era, there hasn’t been much open anger.  That is why I respect them above other races.  They are a growing influence, but are doing it by being positive.  Unlike whte people who fear a black planet and will continue to hold others down.

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