Who doesn’t want to be the “model minority?”

Asians.  The only race is that is really envied.  Why are they envied? Because they tend to be “good at everything.”  The Asians I know are tired of this stereotypes, but in most people’s eyes, this is true.  Most people argue that if you think about it, no one has really seen an Asian that is bad at something.  They are able to excel in everything that is thrown at them.  Asians are all over t.v. shows dancing, speaking other languages, and when it comes to school, they are definitely the “go-to” person whenever someone needs it.  For others, they are the white people of the minorities.  They take the jobs that are supposedly for the white Americans.

What people should realize is that Asians aren’t any different from everyone else.  Mostly everyone has goals, and it just so happens that a lot of Asians are just very driven when it comes to making decisions in their lives.  That doesn’t mean that they are super smart and are trying to show off and take our jobs.  Asians are simply just normal people who want to do well in their lives.  I do not think that they should be treated any differently.  If anything, maybe they should be the “model minority.” Not saying that they should get any special privileges, but people can learn from them.  Only because they are very determined people, no matter what they are trying to achieve.


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