My New Favorite

A close friend of mine recently recommended a book to me. I have always admired and been interested in Native American history and their experiences, so my friend loaned me a copy of Neither Wolf Nor Dog: On forgotten Roads With An Indian Elder, written by Kent Nerburn. As soon as my class at Tri-c ends, I plan to dive into it. I am told that the book is about the author’s experience with an Indian elder named Dan, who leads him through areas of the western Dakotas. Along the way, Mr. Nerburn meets an 80-year-old Lakota woman who lives in a log cabin without running water. He learns her story and the stories of many other Native Americans living on a contemporary reservation.

Kent Nerburn went to the University of Minnesota where he concentrated on American studies. From there he attended Stanford University where he studied religion and humanities. He ended his education by receiving a PhD in Religious studies and Art.

Because of  my interest in Native American life and history, I decided to learn more about Mr.Nerburn by researching him on the internet. I was happy to discover an abundance of material pertaining to his experiences with Native Americans, as well as material dealing with spirituality. His book entitled Small Graces, according to Mr. Nerburn’s website, contains powerful messages and inspirational phrases;words to consider and live by without being overly religious.

It is refreshing to find an author who shares my feelings and beliefs about humanity and the stewardship towards our beautiful earth. I have a feeling that this author is going to be my new favorite. Kent Nerburn’s website is: for anyone interested in learning more.

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