America’s opinion on Asians

I read a story online that said about one quarter of Americans have negative opinions about Asian Americans.  23% claimed that they would refuse to vote for an Asian American presidential candidate.  A surprising result was that 24% said that they would be against intermarriage with an Asian American.  That’s more than the percentage of people against intermarriage with Hispanics(21%), and Jews(16%).  Since most interracial marriages take place between Whites and Asians, I assumed that their disapproval rating would have been the lowest.  Asians are the second fastest growing minority in the U.S., behind Hispanics. I think that is where most of the racism is coming from. Another reason could be the bad economy.  Asian American households typically make about $9,000 to $10,000 more per year than other Americans which can cause people to resent them. Not all opinions were negative however.  A majority of Americans(91%) believe that Asian Americans place a higher value on family.  About two thirds of Americans believe that Asians place a higher value on education than other groups, and that they are honest businessmen.   While positive, most of the previous opinions seem to be part of the Asian racial stereotype.

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