Family Guy and Asian Americans

People often debate about whether or not Family Guy, one of Fox’s most popular TV shows as well as mine, should be aired because of it’s profane stereotypical humor. Finding a clip of one stereotype in Family Guy came way too easily for me. It seems that whatever episode i play, there are at LEAST10 stereotypes used in a joking manner. The one I chose, however, was that of an Asian woman instead of an African-American–the race most commonly made fun of due to the main character, Peter Griffin’s, best “black” friend Cleveland Brown. (Even there he was most likely named Brown because of his skin color–but that’s just pure racism, not stereotypical.) One of the common stereotypes is “Asian people suck at driving” is portrayed in one of MacFarlane’s episodes when Peter is talking about abstinence. He tells his daughter, Meg, that he will remain abstinent and “as untouched as a turn signal in an Asian woman’s car” suggesting that because “Asian woman have no idea how to drive” they would have no need to turn on a turn signal. I just really  hope there isn’t an Asian American Advocacy group fighting for the ban of shows like Family Guy because it targets stereotypes of races for humor. I think we just need to relax and just laugh! This is coming from an Arab-American….the airwaves are filled with jokes about my background. But i just learn to laugh because its done in good taste…

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