Is Newt Gingrich Serious?

When I first heard Newt Gingrich’s comments of Palestinians as an “invented people” I really couldn’t believe such an ignorant comment can come from a public figure, much less an American! Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of The US House of Representatives, Presidential Hopeful and self-proclaimed historian was quoted as saying that the Palestinian people are an “invented people” and are “all out to destroy Israel”. A move that has ironically garnered a lot of criticism from the jewish american community. But I have to ask, really Newt? Arent all nationalities invented? I’m pretty sure all aspirations for sovereignty and freedom have to come from a dream that people need to “invent” to have their nationalities realized. Lets use the imaginary time machine and travel to the early 1700’s, was there a such thing as “America”? Wasnt the dream of America “invented” by our founding fathers? So are Americans invented? OF COURSE NOT!!! This bigot which calls himself a historian, needs to realize that conjuring a lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians can only work by not delegitimizing either party. And the fact that he can say that Palestinians want Israel destroyed is incredibly ignorant. I’m Palestinian American and I in no way want to destroy Israel Mr Gingrich. The fact of the matter is that both sides have minorities that hate the other side. But another fact is that both have majorities that want to live in peace and security. So Mr. Gingrich next time you want to share your bigotry and racist ideology, do it on your own time when no one is listening.

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