Obama and Clinton fighting to stop discrimination against gays

Obama and clinton plan on making a movement to promote gay rights abroad.  This is a huge step that these two people are taking and many say that if they don’t do this correctly.  During a speech in front of the U.N. Human Rights Council, they stated that equal treatment of gay, lesbian, and transgender people was an explicit U.S. foreign policy goal.  In some countries gay’s can be arrested or even executed.

Wayne Besen, a founder of Truth Wins Out, a group that monitors religious organizations with anti-gay views, listed Russia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Iran and Zimbabwe among the nations that had recently “declared war on sexual minorities” and said that he hoped they would be chastened by the administration’s blunt talk (Cleveland.com)

The article goes on to talk about how they continue to fight this problem across the world, and to help the refugees.  This is a great movement but I feel like these two people are 10 steps ahead of themselves.  Before you go out fighting the worlds problems with discrimination shouldn’t you solve your owns countries problems with discrimination?  Yes, gays, lesbians, and transgenders have made a lot of ground over the past 20 years in the war against discrimination but it is still very abundant.  Many gays are still discrimnated against and this is still a big problem in the United States.  Lets worry about our country and the people in it before we worry about others.  Putting the word out is great but if they are planning on using our resources to fight a battle that we are still fighting in our country in another, that is just not being smart in my eyes.

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