Occupy movement tries to shut down 2 ports.

Protesters from the Occupy movement had gathered at prots in Portland and Los Angeles trying to shut them down to prefect the flow of economic greed to the 1%.  Spokesmen from both ports said that the ports were both still operational but had some delays with truckers trying to leave the ports and with other things.  I beleive that this occupy movement is nonsense.  These people taking part in the occupy movement need to get jobs.  All that they are doing is making people who are working for big corporations, the 99%, jobs harder.  These people involved in the occupy movement are making the 99% who still work and have jobs lives harder because of their disruption with corporrations who decide to provide jobs for people to work.  The occupy movement is a complete waste of our law enforcements time.  They don’t even have any demands!  The occupy group is a lost cause and does not represent the 99% very well.

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