School district to reconsider allowing teachers to discuss homosexuality in the classroom

In Minnesota one of the school boards representing one of Minnesotas largest school districts is considering getting rid of a silence of talks about homosexuality in the classroom.  The Anoka-Hennepin School District’s sexual orientation curriculum policy, adopted in 2009, bars teachers from taking a position on homosexuality in the classroom and says such matters are best addressed outside of school. It’s become known as the neutrality policy (  At a school board meeting monday night it was proposed to change the curriculum policy to the “controversial topics curriculum policy.”  This allows teachers to discuss controversial topics in class.  Teachers are not allowed to discuss their own personal beliefs or opinions though. It’s one of many changes being considered to the district’s harassment, violence, and discrimination policy and its religious activities policy. The previous neutrality policy triggered a lawsuit from students who allege the policy creates a toxic environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender students — or students perceived to be LGBT.  This is a great movement that could help many young teens and young children become more used to the idea that there are different types of people out there and that they aren’t bad, but just different.  When talking about these things at a young age it will help change the way that being lesbians, gays, and transexuals will be perceived by the whole population.

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