Smoking Ban Fines

It’s been about 5 years since Ohio has had the non-smoking ban on indoor business’s such as restaurants and other business’s.  Since this has been set in place business owners owe about 1.2 million dollars in fines that have not been paid for not following this ban.  State-wide there has been about 2.74 million dollars in fines issued.  This law that was passed has been a problem for many business’s especially bars because a large majority of some these bars have customers that smoke.  These business’s feel that if they discontinue allowing them to smoke in their bar that they will stop coming and the bar will lose their customers.  The ban is being challenged by a Columbus bar that says the ban is unconstitutional.  With so much money owed to the state in fines the health department is turning over some of the fines to the ohio attourney generals office for collection.  These unpaid fines have become a hassel for the state and the business’s that owe these fines.

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