“Factoring in all racial combinations, Stanford University sociologist Michael Rosenfeld calculates that more than 7 percent of America’s 59 million married couples in 2005 were interracial, compared to less than 2 percent in 1970.”

That’s still a very tiny percent, but I find that so wonderful! After listen to a group presentation in class, and ESPECIALLY after watching the video they had about the son having two mothers, I was inspired to blog about marriage. I read an article on msn about the growing rate of interracial marriage. Whether it’s gay marriage or interracial marriage, I think it shouldn’t be illegal or taboo either. Love is something that is important to everyone and I think pretty crucial to a happy life. Everyone needs to be loved by someone to feel acceptance, to be a part of something. I love reading success stories of couples from either category because they are some of the strongest people.

It’s been only forty years since the US Supreme Court ruling of Loving V. Virginia. I know the numbers are definitely low for interracial marriage, but still, considering the small time frame since its’ legality, I think it has definitely come a long way. I hope to see a much larger increase in years to come. And I hope to see all states legalizing gay marriage. It’s hard for me to see the other side of things- I can’t imagine why it matters who a person decides to marry. It should only matter that everyone gets the equal right to marry the person they love.

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