Racism in the UK

A woman who made a racist rant on a tram was arrested in the UK by the British Transport Police.  You can watch her rant here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5RM_I6BKjE . Apparently, immigration into the UK has risen substantially over the past decade.  The economy seems to be struggling there as well.  I guess Americans aren’t the only ones who use immigrants as a scapegoat when times get tough.  I was surprised that the woman was arrested for her rant. I don’t feel sorry for her in any way, but because I’m American I’m in favor of being able to say whatever you want without being arrested.  When i think about racism,  I usually only think about how it occurs in the U.S.. In a strange way, I almost feel relieved that America isn’t the only place that struggles with racism, even though that is a horrible way to look at it.  I know that this is most likely an isolated incident and that most people in the UK, as well as the US would disagree with her, but i was still surprised to see such blatant racism and ignorance.

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