Rick Perry’s New Ad

Presidential candidate Rick Perry came out with a new campaign ad a few days ago that has gotten some negative attention. In the ad, he says that something must be wrong in this country if gays can openly serve in the military, but our children can’t pray in school.  It’s pretty hard to miss the obvious anti-gay undertones in the ad. The idea that a  bigot like this actually has a chance to be the president scares the hell out of me.

Perry goes on to promise to end Obama’s war on religion. It’s funny to me how Christians in America today seem to believe they’re being persecuted or something.  Every year I always hear someone complaining about how they have to say happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  There are Christmas movies on every December and radio stations that only play Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving.  If the president really is trying to end religion, he’s doing an awful job. Aren’t there more important things to complain about?  When I think of persecution, I think about Jewish people during WWII, not Americans complaining that Walmart didn’t put up Christmas decorations.

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