Supressing the black vote

Former Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.’s campaign manager was accused of hatching a plan to suppress the black vote in the Baltimore area last year during the election.  Around 3:30 p.m. they set up automated telephone calls to black residents in Baltimore telling them to “relax” and that Ehrlich’s democratic opponent Martin O’Malley, along with president Obama, who was not even on the ballot, had been “successful” in the election. Doing this caused voters who would have chosen O’Malley to not even bother voting.  The campaign manager Paul Shurick, is currently being charged with two counts of conspiracy and one count election fraud and obstruction of justice. This is a great example of institutional discrimination and modern racism.  It’s unfair to assume all blacks will vote Democrat or that they all unwaveringly support Barack Obama.  It also weakens my trust in our election system and hows how easily people can manipulate it. One of the scary things about this story is that apparently it’s not illegal to try to suppress voters, the only thing illegal about what Shurick did is the fraud and the coercion to suppress voters.

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