Is Religion the Bigger Factor?

Religion as the Bigger Factor?

The greater majority of cultures in the world are widely separated by race and ethnicity.  Different customs for different cultures divide everyone, and that also includes different religions.  It isn’t just a matter of race and ethnicity, it’s a matter of what you believe in and what God or gods you worship. 

With race being a factor, certain religions vary within the world and are ranked by their popularity.  The most popular religions of the world being practiced right now are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.  Given what we worship is dividing us, is it also what makes us stereotype one another and say that one group is particularly better?

Christianity for example is the predominant religion in America and the greater majority of its followers are white Anglo Saxon citizens.  With so many factors going on in religion that regulate what sins there are, who can worship, what is or is not tolerant, it can be difficult to see how anyone following any particular type of religion would not have different divided beliefs in any given contact situation from another religion and think that they are somewhat superior.


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