White is Right

White is Right

When you look at certain aspects throughout America within Media, Pop culture, the news, movies, music, it’s awfully white, and even when you center around certain racial backgrounds it becomes awfully stereotypical. 

In Hollywood there is always a strong, white, confident, handsome male lead actor when it comes to saving the day.  Blacks are hardly ever seen as much as whites are, and forget about Asians, Indians, or Arabs.  Or in music today, it’s extremely stereotypical, Blacks are always pigeonholed into the Hip Hop genre (no one has probably ever heard of Darius Rucker who is a famous Black country singer-Very good by the way). 

The fact that it’s become a black/white issue is even a problem, it should be not only that but an Asian, Indian, and Arab issue but then again it always seems to come down to black and white in the long run.  Even Chess, a game that has been around since the 9th century and spread all over Europe, has the white pieces as the dominant figures of the board, they always move first.  I know that this may or may not have anything to do or to be linked to race, I just thought it was a bit interesting.


About stormy413

Hey people out there! My name, if you haven't already guessed, is Nicholas Storm! Since this is the "about me" part, do I'll do what i do best, talk about myself.... I like working out, painting, fashion, movies and music. My favorite food is sushi, my favorite color is black. I am a dog person, I can't stand cats. I like to think I'm an open minded person with good taste. But then again you never know. I listen to Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Marilyn Manson, Janelle Monae and many others. I LOVE horror movies and I am currently going to school for Media producion/Filmmaking. I like movies by Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, and Gaspar Noe. My favorite movie of all time is called "Enter the Void." My favorite artist is Andy Warhol. This is my first time with this site so this should be tons-o-fun!
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