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Everyone is our Neighbor – Better Be

I know this artical is a couple years old but there is still a vivid image in my head as if this all happened last week. I feel it is important to bring this story up to remind everyone that, even in our own backyards, hate crimes occur everywhere unfortunately. What’s important is how the community bounces back and how we fight back to prevent another one’s actions from hurting our Neighbors.

“Get the [expletive] out. Aryan Knights of Fairview Park” is what one African American family found written on a note along with a noose hanging from a tree one morning in the city of Fairview Park. How does one go explaining this? How does a neighborhood begin to heal and recover? Well, Fairview Park used their voice, as the mayor, city schools, city hall and local churches united and posted throughout the city: “Everyone Is Our Neighbor”. That message couldn’t be more clear because, being an American and living in one of the world’s most diverse countries, we can cover come things such as this incident. I hope whoever dared to plant that noose and scribble those words of nonsense, can overcome themselves and become a neighbor.

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Racial Advantages In College Admittance

While minority groups have seen cultural disadvantages throughout history, they may have an upper hand in being admitted to colleges. There are many scholarships offered to minority groups that are not offered to white Americans. Schools across the nation look … Continue reading

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A heroic Campaign of the 20th Century .The civil right movement. The Great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quoted famous word of the late Thomas Jefferson from 1776…These words rang out before millions of African Americans in Washington D.C. in 1963.”We … Continue reading

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I was talking to somebody outside of my work the other day and he was telling me that with all of the stuff going on in Libya and other places, why don’t we just bomb them back, and how awful … Continue reading

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Respect is key

It all goes down to respect! We all have to respect every individual and treat everyone the way that you and I would like to be treated (I’m sure everyone has heard that saying at one point in our life) … Continue reading

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I am enjoying each and every class we have had so far and really look forward to it in the beginning of the week. Discussing racial and gender issues certainly give me a fresher and much enhanced perception on the … Continue reading

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Libya; Friend or Foe

September 11th marked the 11th anniversary of of the tragic attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. However, September 11, 2012 marked a day in which Libyans attacked a US consulate in Benghazi that killed the US ambassador and three … Continue reading

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