In the previous class, many stereotypes were brought up that covered many different races, classes, sexes, and ages.  I agree that it is wrong to group every person in a certain group together, however I believe that stereotypes have a certain amount of truth to them.

Black people like rap music, old people are bad drivers, gays are flambouyant, lesbians are butch, Latinos are landscapers, Jewish people are stingy, Asians are good at math, etc.

Do I believe these are all true all of the time? No. But there are examples of all of them everywhere. How true or untrue are they? I’m not sure.

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2 Responses to Stereotypes

  1. littleariel727 says:

    I would have to agree with this. It is not something that people are proud of or like to admit too, but pretty much everyone has their own ideas about specific groups. Not all stereotypes are bad to have assigned to you, but most are not the most pleasant to have the stigma of having.

  2. redheadederin says:

    What do you think constitutes a stereotype being true? Is it how much people in that group live up to it? Is it how they are portrayed in the media? Is it in statistics?

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