Question and Concept

America is a nation of immigrant descendants from somewhere else. There is a “gray area” demonstrating American Society as complex. What race is really at stake here? Is it really about America? In this situation, European decent will no longer be the majority in this country. Various cultures have adapted and embraced the American culture clearly with each forth coming generation considering themselves as an Americian they are less define by their their Ancestors.These various cultures assimilate and change to coexist in America. However immigrants were the backbone to industrial revolution.For whatever reason restrictions were placed on American culture from various countries goes beyond my understanding except the “maybe” from all the hostility from rehetoricness fear through hateful rhetoric creating divisiveness of race is conveniently naive or malicious detration that lead to raciest reality of human behavior. In other words sub-divided mechanism of defense and self-serving. Nevertheless, Immigrants changed America, they adapted music, sports, style of dress, work, language, culturally and socially. I am certain that when a person becomes an American citizen that they are entitled to Life, Liberty, and a Pursuit of happiness that every person has,  a natural right too.Point of fact is they too can acheive happiness and have an open opportunity to live out their dreams as well….

The American sentiment of freedom…Right!



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