Stereotypes, and judging people automatically without even talking them are definitely awful things, and people should watch what they say to people, mainly because you wouldn’t want that done to you.  You never know how somebody feels after you say something insulting about their religion, race, or heritage.  At the same time though, there is such a thing as being over-sensitive.  You can have too much of anything, (for instance, you can die from too much water consumption) and this could mean over-reacting to something that really isn’t that bad.  In this day in age, people try to make life perfect for everybody which is nearly impossible.  Being a good person is something everybody should strive for, but sometimes, people trying too hard to make one group happy by defending them on something that they themselves deem “offensive” just causes chaos.  I saw an example of this a couple days ago.  I wanted to know what is the point of changing B.C (for Before Christ) and A.D. (for Anno Domini or the year of the lord) to B.C.E (Before Common Era) and C.E (Common Era.) The answer I was given is “it’s not fair for those people who are islamic or any other non-christian religion.”  I couldn’t comprehend why this isn’t “fair” for those people.  All years signify is a counting system, and the system starts with the birth of Jesus.  So whether you’re christian or not is irrelevant in this argument, since its not being sensitve to other groups, its just changing a name, it doesn’t change the reason we count from that year.  Even if you change the name from “Before Christ” to “Before Common Era,” it doesn’t change the fact that the counting started the year Jesus Christ was born.  I could even read more into it and say something like “oh, well now this isn’t fair for non-christians, because now you’re denoting common era starting with Jesus Christ’s birth.”  This is an example of reading too much into it.  Also, when we ask what year it is, we say 2012. I don’t know anybody that says “it is now 2012 years after Jesus was born.”  Most people don’t even think about why we count from that time on anyway, and I’m assuming that includes non-christians.  What I’m trying to say, is that sometimes when you SEARCH for something that COULD be offensive and try to deem it as such, you’re worse off than you were before, because now you’re creating over-sensitivity.  There was no point in changing those, since all it really did was spare the non-christian people of the unfair and cruel christian abreviations we made them deal with for so long.  Honestly, all it really does is create confusion.  I agree with the fact that we need to be more sensitive to other groups other than ourselves, but sometimes, you can actually try too hard, and you can wind up going backwards by spending your time on something that really doesn’t need to be changed.

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One Response to Over-Sensitivity

  1. bridge727 says:

    I have to say that when we get Christmas off, I dont see non-christians complain. Sometimes I feel like people want to pick and choose how things affect them and what is socially not correct to their heritage or race. We talked about St. Patrick’s day in class and even people who aren’t Irish still go out that day and celebrate, so to me it really isn’t an Irish holiday anymore. In Ireland they do not go out partying, they go to church.

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