Moving in the Right Direction.

I personally feel like after our classroom discussions, or all discussions about prejudices and discrimination, that eyes are opened towards it.  Bringing it into every day life as a problem allows people to see it as just that.  Which is why I titled this particular post ‘moving in the right direction.’  With people becoming aware and educated about societies flaws, I feel like the very near future will automatically program acceptance of all people into tomorrow’s youth.  I’m a middle grades education major.  When I graduate and find a job there is absolutely no chance of my class being anything but all weather liberals.  And I know this stance ins’t alone.  VERY few of my friends or family members still hold prejudices, and as time passes and society denounces it I feel like they will change, or at least their children will.  For me this subject isn’t about learning what is it, but learning how to prevent it.  And I think it begins with tomorrow.  I actually have asked a few of my closer co-workers to keep track of the tips they receive from minorities.  Granted, this is only day 2 of my mini experiment but I think it’ll be an awakening when I make the groups anonymous and make them guess which age/race a tipper was.  I’m excited for this.

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