Hate Crimes

In the previous class, hate crimes were discussed.  I believe that punishing someone for a “hate crime” is a unfair idea.  I feel that a crime is a crime, and no matter what the reason a person committed that crime they should be punished equally.  There is also an unfair idea that whites are primairilly charged with hate crimes.  I would want someone that committed a crime against me was punished just the same as if they committed that same crime against a person of a different race.

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One Response to Hate Crimes

  1. bridge727 says:

    I totally agree with this. I dont understand why we have to always have the race card pulled. I get that their is still alot of hatred in people and we need to figure out some way to not always have it go back to race. I know that blacks feel that they are the majority that have race issues but their are some that dislike whites just the same and they dont ever think about pulling the race card.

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