Ramanjit Gill Week 2 Blog

This past class we disscussed many topics relating to prejudice people and racism that still revolves today in our everyday life. I do think people do use the philosphy we had talked  in class about people telling sterotype stories about other races and when that race or person walks into the door they change it to a different race and the person automtically thinks that they weren’t being targeted but in fact they were being the victom. I myself have had experienced racist remarks thoughout my life, and especially since 9 11 the sterotypes of my race had risen. I think the majority of the americans not the minority which are “white” americans sterotype the most because of the thinking of superiority. I think people need to be educated enough to know the difference between different races and their beliefs. Lastly i do think racism will one day change and become less of an issue but i dont think that will happen anytime soon there are too many hard headed americans in this county to have an open mind to other races that worked hard to excape are times in their country for a better place here in our country.

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