Libya; Friend or Foe

September 11th marked the 11th anniversary of of the tragic attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. However, September 11, 2012 marked a day in which Libyans attacked a US consulate in Benghazi that killed the US ambassador and three other Americans. Hearing the news of such tragic terror made the United States more cautious. Security across the globe was immediately tightened at all embassies to prevent further attacks from rebellious militia.

It appeared that these Libyan protestors attacked this embassy due to the outrage at the evidence of seeing an anti-Muslim film that was produced by an American. However, it is quite clear that this militia attacked at the right time and place to find a loophole amidst. These militias work together and carry out attacks whose orders are given out from a higher command. They still continue to terrorize their own people which puts the locals into a defensive position.

Yesterday, two Libyan protestors were killed and over a dozen were injured. Hundreds of protestors attacked militia camps “in a surge of anger at armed groups in Benghazi whose unchecked powers led to last week’s killing of the U.S. ambassador”. These are truly the friendly Libyans who are concerned about the future of their country. And then we have the “patriots” whose unchecked powers led to this horrific embassy attack. Innocent people are dying left and right in Libya as protests continue. Being a world power, the United States is yet to determine what to do what this country of Libya.

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