I am enjoying each and every class we have had so far and really look forward to it in the beginning of the week. Discussing racial and gender issues certainly give me a fresher and much enhanced perception on the topic. I have never paid attention to many of the issues reviewed in class. Now wile reading news and just interacting with people on day-to-day bases it really opens my eyes on all the racism and discrimination that many are encountered with. I have always believed that people get oversensitive and took things to the next level once it came to racism. Wile in class we briefly touched on the topic of hate crimes; which got me thinking that there are countless extremes that people will go to downgrade other races. With that being understood I believe that it’s critical for our government to enforce harsh laws forbidding any sort of discrimination. Also along with the government, our education system should make it a higher priority to educate students; inform them that every person is equal no matter the race or gender. With these changes I trust that America as a hole will develop into a more racist free country.


I have included an article of a “Man who claimed to be racist to get out of jury duty faces prosecution”. The article talks about a common justification many people practice to try and get out of jury duty. In the mans letter written to the judge, he describes that he’s to racist and wouldn’t be capable to make a well-informed conclusion on the case itself. In this occasion the judge let the man get out of jury duty, and in return charged him under the contempt of court duty.


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One Response to Racism

  1. bridge727 says:

    I was watching a show on the Oprah Network about how she did a show in the most racist town a few years back and how that caused quite the controversy. This town was proud to have no blacks living there and that is how they wanted to keep it. It is crazy to me that people have such hate for people just for the color of their skin and dont want to know the real person inside.

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