I was talking to somebody outside of my work the other day and he was telling me that with all of the stuff going on in Libya and other places, why don’t we just bomb them back, and how awful of a job obama is doing.  I asked him, how can we just bomb a country back?  It’s not a country that is bombing us, its the radical people that are.  The crazy exceptions that think they are above other people, those are the people that are bombing us.  His response was “yeah, so what, how else are we going to get through to them.”  I’ve come to see that this is a common opinion for people lately.  I’ve heard multiple people say “well, we need somebody with a backbone to rule this country, so we can bomb the countries that bomb us.”  I just don’t understand how fighting fire with fire is going to get us anywhere.  How would ruining our foreign relations help us in the long run.  How does hurting innocent people make us any better than the people that did it to us first.  I don’t know if its just me, or are people getting to hostile lately, and are ready to use force over anything, even if it effects innocent people.

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