gays, in america, how can this be?

Why should we let gays get married? that’s just stupid!  that’s the view of a lot more people then i thought.  i never understood why we should be allowed to tell other people what to do in their lives, but some people think they have the right to.  it amazes me that people think like this.  people say to me “being gay is immoral.”  who cares?  then don’t partake in that activity if you think that, but who are you to decide what other people do.  let’s reverse the scenario.  say a woman wanted to get married to a guy.  somebody who is gay says “well, i don’t think you should be able to do that because i don’t think that’s right.”  the woman probably thinks “well, who cares what you think, it’s my life, so screw you.”  so if you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense.  i was talking to a friend, and they said “well, where would you draw the line, after they make gay marriage legal, they’ll make incest legal.”  haha, that’s the actual thinking process of some people.  how would gay marriag lead to legalization of incest. so really, gay marriage has no effect on your life at all.  it’s funny, its like gay people’s happiness doesn’t effect yours at all. hmm, what a thought.

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