Major decisions (literally!)

With my background in working with kids on the Autism Spectrum I have found it quite difficult to find a major. Taking both a number of psych and soc classes i had narrowed it down to applying one of those two majors to my career, but that was the hard part. Sociology seemed so much more practical in its application in the fact that it focus’ on social interaction which no matter how fast you run is unavoidable. Where as psychology focus on the mind of those individuals. While short term understanding and understanding of past experience and how it happens and why, sociology does help. Psychology seems to be the untouched frontier of understanding saying that essentially we don’t know much and we can’t know much until we find out how the brain works. When talking to my soc and psych it seems like they almost are at odds with each other rather than working in unison.  In conclusion I chose psychology but I think that these are the two most exciting forms of study that if combined offer a wealth of knowledge into understanding the world we live in. 

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