Racism and its rapid overuse as a term

While sitting around the table with some of my colleagues after work one day discussing about what it means to be racist, I couldn’t help but think wow. The discussion was onset by a comment I made about one of my black friends being “not what you would expect”. The comment was made in the context of his understanding of Applied Behavioral Analysis even though he was a music major. As soon as the comment left my mouth it was instantly pounced upon by some of my coworkers as racist because they thought i meant that he was “not what you would expect” because he was black and understood my job and not that he was a music major. This sparked the idea that why is one “racist” and one is a perfectly acceptable statement. The idea that one group of people may have deficits in one area and strengths in another can apply to a race or a major. It frustrates me hearing people shout “RACIST!!” when all someone is doing is being stereotypical towards a group of people.While racism is a huge problem, that simple minded intellect of stereotyping for simplicity is more of a danger to society than racism. 

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