Governor Mitt Romney debate President Barack Obama

What two better candidates campaigning against one another Romney vs. Obama? Interesting. Romney claims that :IF” he is elected in office that on his first day he will repeal and kill the ObamaCare…Seniors would have to pay higher co-payments and  for prescription drugs. Obama fought to reform the health care system making it affordable health care insurance and the companies would not be able to discriminate against pre-existing conditions. Barack views for seniors to pay less for prescription drugs as well as no co-payment at all…In addition, Obama proposes to stop thee wasteful and fraudant programs that have been corrupt though out the years under several other Republicans. As for Mitts plan on education he proposes a plan on education however he does not elaborate on the so-called plan with the exception that this ghost plan would help the economy; how by cutting grants and funding that now exist sol that those whom choose a higher education can have the opportunity of getting one? It is apparent that Romney debate interview was evasive and grimace. He his self has spoken on how he and some of his fellow classmates AS youngsters made comments against Gays. Each debate question was not addressing any of his plans actually. My only thought is that he plans to eliminate Obama care and  Parenthood and Education and put place vouchers. Under the Obama plans no doubt is the way to go. Whereas with Romney has no preventive health care plan in effect…The only people who would benefit from Romney in office is him and peers alike. When asked about the poor his facial expression and verbage spoke volumes.In closing my personal opinion is that this is a no brainer it does not take a rocket scientist to read the unspoken plans of Mitts. It is apparent whom he is actually protecting. defiantly not Middle Class. Romney is a hoax and a joke. He is distorting the American people  anyway he capable of doing. Clearly no matter what Mitts tactics are nor what he uses his scheme is plan less, and there is no place in Washington positioned for someone like him ever again. I believe in CHANGE and FORWARD will once again prevail. The American people have chosen.

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