Jim Crow

Certainly, the song performed”Jim Crow” from the 1800’s famous for his ignorance and the derogatory minstrel was a white man by the name  of Thomas Rice. Depicting the black man with racial slurs and discrimination and stereotyping performances before audiences…Nevertheless, this name came into existence creating the  law ” Jim Crow Act”state and locally. This  was enacted in the United States, to be sure that  this act was a legal way of discriminating against blacks mainly in the southern states. Clearly, this act deprived blacks from the same conditions as whites. Besides this, the “Black Code” also was  created of controlling the slaves even those    freed under the abolishment of slavery afterwards. In other words, making sure that blacks is limited to freedom and making them inhuman and  “still” subservient to whites. Looking back at this particular era in life it  does not seem as if much has changed. I, personally, agree with author , publisher, civil rights litigator and legal scholor”Michelle Alexander, stating that ” The Jim Crow act is revised. No doubt of the ” New Jim Crow Law, still existing today. Briefly stating her views of warehoused blacks in prison; through ” War on Drugs”  was one geniciode of government. .After all, their labor is no longer needed in the globalized economy. Thus  upon their release they are considered ex-felons which limits their progression as a considerate and productive citizen.

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