call to action

Remember when you were a kid and you thought there were these mystical amazing things called grown ups that were smart, knew what was going on and had all the answer? And that someday you would too be a grown up and be granted these magical powers of knowing the answers and keys to life. But as I grow older and realize I am one of these so called adults and that none of us really know whats going on. 

But now that I have established my problem with adults and there lack of understanding, of which I am one of, it bring me to how this can apply to our corse. The longer I have had this status in society, the more I realize that to keep the status of being a functioning adult in society and achieve the status of a successful adult it is not easy. And that view point is coming from a tall, white, middle class male. So while there will  be more obstacles for anyone of minority groups, I somehow feel as though that alone is not enough to grant any sympathy onto those groups. Getting to the level that society expects and needs from its members is not something that is going to come with out great struggle, stress, turmoil and hardship but that is what makes it so sweet. That seems to even be the idea that our country was once so proud of. While it is a necessary function of society to address its past mistakes and build upon them to create a better future, I don’t think  that having an apologetic attitude towards past mistakes is helping to build a hunger for success and not a sense of entitled to success and a middle class lifestyle. What if rather than helping minorities through affirmative action, we invested in their communities and education? What if instead of offering scholarships based on financial situations of hopeful college student, we based it off of the aspirations they had towards advancing society? What if we didn’t check a box based on what color we are but rather the amount of work that we are willing to put in to achieve the things we are supposedly so desperate for? This is the country I hope to someday live in but none of it is possible with out the support and change in view points from our current youth and the youth to come. So how about we we put a stop to black power, hispanic pride, or even race equality and lets focus on advancing PEOPLE. 

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