Society today

Society has changed for the worse over the past years.  Every day we hear about school shootings, people getting raped, drug busts, robberies and people being threatened for no reason or for dumb reasons. The cities are trying to limit these sad events from happening by putting more cops out on the streets, metal detectors in schools, and having more prisons, but does this really keep the ones that engage in this from not doing it? I dont think it does. There needs to be bigger and better ways to stop it and adding a few cops and prisons isn’t going to control the dangerous and dirty people out there that cause these actions because they have nothing better to do.  We didn’t hear much of these problems early in our lives but now it is beyond ridicoulus.  Innocent people are dying and getting kidnapped each day and it’s sad hearing about it on the news.  These days parents can’t let their kids walk to school or even go see a movie without having to worry when before it was the opposite, it was encouraged for kids to go do that and have some freedom without their family wondering if they will make it back home. I hear alot about why young teens are getting cell phones so early when years ago you wouldn’t get one until atleast 16 or 17, but back then we didn’t have all these problems so I agree 100 percent with parents that get their kids cell phones at an earlier age then expected so that they know where their kids are and that they are safe. Hopefully all this will turn around in the next few years or even earlier for the sake of the communites and innocent people who are trying to make something out of them selves and have bright futures

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  1. bridge727 says:

    Well I do agree that we do have a lot of crime today and it seems as though it is not getting better, but we have had the same amount of rapes, shootings and kidnappings as we did years ago. The only difference now is that we have so many more social media outlets and publications that we are made more aware of what is going on. Plus, back in the day kids wouldnt have even thought of talking back in school or getting in a fight in the neighborhood becasuse before they would even get home their parents would already know what happenend and it would not have been a good end result. I feel as though today parents are coddling their kids too much and their kids in return feel like they can do anything and have no consequences for their actions. Plus with the whole cell phone phenonmenon, I feel like it is getting out of hand. Yes, you can get your kid a cell phone, but they dont need to have every bell and whistle. They dont need to have texting and the internet on their phones. They only need the cell phone to makes calls, especially at a young age. It makes me laugh that parents then dont understand why their kids are always in their rooms and dont talk to them. Well when you give them all these unnecessary tools to get in trouble then yuo have noone to blame but yourself.

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