Are Women Really More Emotional Than Men?

To challenge the popular idea that women are more emotional than men, I’d like to state that I firmly believe that one’s sex has no relation to how emotional they are. There are men I know of that I can compare to women and easily say they are more emotional, and vice versa. It is the social constructs we are surrounded and molded by at a young age that make it more acceptable in society for a women to cry, verbally express her emotions, openly share her feelings with friends, and appear sensitive and sentimental without being judged to the extent that a man would given the same circumstances. Due to these social norms being so prevalent and inevitable, it is easy for us to succumb to the misconception that women are more emotional than men are. It is safe to say that the majority of people you ask on the streets would automatically state that women are the more expressive gender, instead of challenging those ideas and pointing out that from the time humans are babies, females’ expression of feelings is tolerated much more than males’. So, due to this early, consistent conditioning, it is reasonable to argue that there is no legitimate proof that men are less sensitive or emotional, they are just trained to conduct themselves as if they are in order to retain a masculine, tough image.

To illustrate my argument, I can say that I have experienced this first-hand having a family with a mother, a father, 2 brothers and a sister. Whenever my sister and I would cry or get upset as kids, or even in present day, both my parents would approach us in a sensitive manner and accept or even encourage us to continue sharing our feelings and expressing our pain. However, I always noticed that the few times I witnessed either of my brothers crying, my dad was quick to say “don’t be a baby,” or “you better toughen up, kid,” or “quit acting like a little girl.” So, at my brothers’ young, tender ages, they had already learned to associate crying with being female and learned to see expressing feelings as a feminine qualitiy. Further, after being discouraged at such a young age and taught to cease crying, of course boys like my brother grow to appear less emotional. But does this mean that they actually ARE less emotional beings? No. It simply means that they are able to control, downplay, and hide their feelings to maintain a masculine image. If the roles were switched and girls were told “stop acting like a little boy” and boys were told “it’s okay, let it out” when crying, the stereotype would be reversed and the common misconception would be that men are more emotional. So, it is apparent that men and women simply wear their emotions differently due to social expectations, but when it comes to comparing the amount of emotionality between the sexes, one cannot confidently say that one sex contains more emotions than the other. To this day, because I have close relationships with my brothers, they often come to me and express how they feel in ways that my close girl friends do. I think this is because knowing that I’m a woman, my brothers expect that I will be more accepting and receptive to their disclosures. However, my brothers would not turn to their male friends or girls they have a romantic interest in to share their feelings because those are contexts in which it is in their best interest to have the masculine image. Furthermore, I am a woman and there are many situations that I feel no emotions about that other women in general, or men in general, would express feelings about. The idea that there is some connection between a person’s sex and their level of emotion is simply a delusion.

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One Response to Are Women Really More Emotional Than Men?

  1. bridge727 says:

    I agree that there is no comparrison of boys and girls and their emotions. But there are certaintly differences between the two that make it hard for girls to every have the same respect as boys. I remember growing up and my mom would always ask where I was going and who I was going to be with. She would never do that with my brother. My sister and I would always get upset and ask why she treated us differently. She would say that it is different for a guy to go out alone, go to a bar alone or walk down the street alone, but when a girl would do that then guys would always get the wrong idea about that girl. I have talked to a few male friends and they said that if they see a girl in a bar by herself that she is looking for trouble but if a guy is there by himself we never question it. Just because of the clothes that girls wear that can be a big problem for them as well. So even though I dont think guys and girls have emotional differences, I do believe that in society we have created a scenario that guys and girls are very different.

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