Ramanjit Gill post from the weekend of 10-06-12

Living in the south had to been tuff especially for the minorites. The blacks mostly experienced most of the racial slures and gesterues from the early 1950’s almost through the 1970’s. However our country was going through a big civil war mainly over slavery and african american rights. The south wanted to have slavery while the north wanted to abloish it. If it wasnt for those great Martin Luther King Jr.speeches and those brave actions that people like Rosa parks took, most of ameica would be at the same point that they were in the 1960s. I am happy African Americans have those same rights as every one should and that not one person is targerted or disaantaged because of their skin color. Myself being an Indian and a minority, still encounter gestures and comments made at my race but i do not mind becuase remebering where america came from before to know is a great change so i wouldnt let no silly remark reguarding my race have in any effect one me.

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